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  • Features:
     - Fingerloops. Not for CFPR179
     - 3 Piece Hood
     - 65GSM Microporous for CFPR179 and CFPR180
     - 55GSM SMS for CFPR181/182
     - Hi Vis Seams for CFPR180
     Type 4 - Spray tight protective coveralls.
     Type 5 - Particle tight protective coveralls.
     Type 6 - Limited spray tight protective coveralls.
IPD Part No.ImageFull DescriptionBrandColourRangeMaterialSize
CFPR179LF360 Repel Type 5,6 Coverall L Cloth, Disposable CFPR179.LForce360WhiteREPEL65GSM MicroporousL
CFPR179XLF360 Repel Type 5,6 Coverall XL Cloth, Disposable CFPR179.XLForce360WhiteREPEL65GSM MicroporousXL
CFPR1792XLF360 Repel Type 5,6 Coverall 2XL Cloth, Disposable CFPR179.2XLForce360WhiteREPEL65GSM Microporous2XL
CFPR1793XLF360 Repel Type 5,6 Coverall 3XL Cloth, Disposable CFPR179.3XLForce360WhiteREPEL65GSM Microporous3XL
CFPR1794XLF360 Repel Type 5,6 Coverall 4XL Cloth, Disposable CFPR179.4XLForce360WhiteREPEL65GSM Microporous4XL
CFPR180SF360 MaxRepel+ Type 4,5,6 Coverall S Cloth, Disposable CFPR180.SForce360WhiteMAXREPEL65GSM Microporous S
CFPR180MF360 MaxRepel+ Type 4,5,6 Coverall M Cloth, Disposable CFPR180.MForce360WhiteMAXREPEL65GSM Microporous M
CFPR180LF360 MaxRepel+ Type 4,5,6 Coverall L Cloth, Disposable CFPR180.LForce360WhiteMAXREPEL65GSM Microporous L
CFPR180XLF360 MaxRepel+ Type 4,5,6 Coverall XL Cloth, Disposable CFPR180.XLForce360WhiteMAXREPEL65GSM Microporous XL
CFPR1802XLF360 MaxRepel+ Type 4,5,6 Coverall 2XL Cloth, Disposable CFPR180.2XLForce360WhiteMAXREPEL65GSM Microporous2XL
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