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  • Features:
     - Anti-fog coating reduces fogging in humid environments (Not for EWRX802).
     - Durable and resilient polycarbonate lens and sidearm build.
     - Base 8 curve provides excellent optical clarity and an extended wrap for increased side protection
     - Economy safety spectacle For EWRX800,1,2,3
     - Hard coat for scratch resistance and dirt build up For For EWRX800,1,2,3
     - Private branding option on side arms For EWRX800,1,2,3
     - Adjustable sidearms for a more personalized fit EWX804,5,6
IPD Part No.ImageFull DescriptionBrandRangeLens Type
EWRX800F360 Radar Clear Lens Safety Spec, Economy EWRX800Force360RADAR 24gClear
EWRX801F360 Radar Smoke Lens Safety Spec, Economy EWRX801Force360RADAR 24gSmoke
EWRX802F360 Radar Blue Mirror Lens Safety Spec, Economy EWRX802Force360RADAR 24gBlue mirror
EWRX803F360 Radar Dark Brown Lens Safety Spec, Economy EWRX803Force360RADAR 24gDark brown
EWRX804F360 Pulse Clear Lens Safety Spec, Economy EWRX804Force360PULSE 30gClear
EWRX805F360 Pulse Smoke Lens Safety Spec, Economy EWRX805Force360PULSE 30gSmoke
EWRX806F360 Pulse Amber Lens Safety Spec, Economy EWRX806Force360PULSE 30gAmber
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