Enter Values
Incoming Supply Short Circuit Current(Isc): kA
Cable Run Length in mtrs(L)
Conductor Type
Cable Size mm 2
Number of Cables per Phase (P)
Conductor Temperature: Deg.C
Load Current(I): A
End of Run Fault Level(Icc)
Voltage Drop(Vd)
Impendance Of the Cable(Zc)
Supply Impedance(Zs)
Resistance of the Cable(Rc)
Reactance Of the Conductor(Xc)

Supply Impedance: Zs = 240/Isc/1000

Cable Impedance: (Ohms/km) Zc = √(Rc2 + Xc2)/P/1000

Fault Level: Icc=240/(Zs + (L x Zc))/1000

Voltage Drop: Vd = I x L x Zc/1000