Thank you for your efforts

We have received great feedback from MM in WA on the great work Cliff Power and Tim Jones are putting into servicing their customers. 

Feedback below. 

"Just a quick note, I would like to acknowledge the efforts that Cliff Power and Tim Jones put into an urgent order I had last week.  

I have a customer working on Nauru. The Switchboard he received was missing some critical items. If he missed this small window he would have to stay on the Island for another two weeks.  

With short notice Tim & Cliff managed to get all the relevant parts to the Brisbane transport company in time for the Saturday freight flight to Nauru. Their efforts went above and beyond. As wholesalers we don't see this sort of effort much from suppliers anymore. I would just like to let the people that matter know the efforts their staff went to, it is appreciated by myself and especially my Customer."