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Selection Plus –Help / Guide
1. Selection Plus is made up in Four distinct modules which can be accessed one at a time. Changing modules will clear any data /selection made, save work before   selecting the next module.

2. In each module, when a selecting an option, wait for the screen to refresh before selecting the next option or entering data, then click the “Search” button to return search results.

3. While using Selection Plus, if you leave the program unused for a long period of time the WEB server may disconnect your work from the system. Please save your work regularly or before leaving your computer.

 While using Selection Plus over a long period of time you may experience the program not refreshing with new data or receiving an error message. e.g. In Selectivity Graphs, when selecting a new Protective device i.e MCB, the device selection will not change to MCB after the screen refresh. Close your Internet browsing software (e.g. Internet Explorer) and restart the software go to the and restart “Selection Plus”

4. In Quick Selection: “Add” or “Add to table” saves the selection to a Table for printout, which can be saved for a specific project file etc. (It is saved as an .xls format.) Multiple selections from any of the fields under Quick Selection can be added to this table..
Search results can be shortened or rearranged by clicking on Colum headings or typing in heading fields.

5. In Selectivity Graphs: Pressing “Hold Graph” to saves the curve selected to the screen only when making multiple curve selections. You must “Save Project” to save your study to your computer for future access/editing.

6. In Temp. Rise of Enclosure: Calculation result “NaN” = result outside of data range.

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